Mindful Messages- Can the Tree of Life Inspire You?


The Tree of Life has long been a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. It also represents a symbol of growth and strength. Often referred to as the tree of knowledge or life, it is said to be the connection between  heaven and the underworld, as well as all forms of creation. As the tree grows old in in fact becomes immortal due to the seeds that contain its very essence. So in a fact it never dies and lives on.  


This Lovingly hand-crafted collection is a unique work of art and sure to inspire. Wear it, display it, or simply keep it nearby so you can always have your tree of life act as a powerful talisman or guide for:


Let the beauty of this exquisite collection be the perfect keepsake for that special someone or for yourself. Keep love close with More Than Charms.

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Click the Images below to be Inspired?


Chakra Tree of Life Necklace (Gold / Silver Finish)

Chakra Tree of Life Charm Bracelet (Gold / Silver Finish)

Chakra Tree of Life Travel Mug

Chakra Tree of Life Mug (Gold/ Silver/ Pink)

Chakra Tree of Life Ladies Tank Top (Various Sizes and Colors)

Chakra Tree of Life Ladies Pillow

Chakra Tree of Life Shot Glass

Chakra Tree of Life Blanket (Various Sizes)

Chakra Tree of Life Tumbler  (Various Sizes)


Chakra Tree of Life Unisex T-shirt  (Various Sizes and Colors)

Chakra Tree of Life Unisex Sweat Shirt (Various Sizes and Colors)

Chakra Tree of Life Wine Goblet (Various Colors)

Chakra Tree of Life Posters (Various Sizes)

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