Nature Guardians - Who are they?

Nature Guardians - Who are they?

We all know of elementals or nature guardians mainly through legends and fairy tales that have been passed on for centuries and that we loved to listen to when we were young (or not so young).

Then we grew up and we have been told that these beings were pure fiction created by our collective imagination. And yet children perceive these beings that are very real indeed, they just don’t vibrate on the same frequency and in the same dimension as we do – they don’t have physical bodies. We sometimes call them the invisible people or little people, they are often these famous “imaginary friends” our children play with. While growing up we have closed our capacity to see them, we have closed our third eye though we were born with it open. Our parents and society convinced us that all of this was merely our imagination and nothing tangible.

Nature guardians or elementals work for the well-being of plants, trees and animals as well as the different elements they are associated with. They vibrate at a higher frequency than ours; they live in a much lighter world made of light and love. They don’t understand the negative and destructive human behaviour towards nature, it makes them very sad.

The different guardians or elementals were first classified by the Swiss doctor, astrologer and mystic Paracelsus in the 16th century:

Earth Guardians


Gnomes, Pixies, Sprites and Trolls live underground or in rocks and work in mines with minerals, take care of the earth and the soil. Gnomes also take care of wounded wild animals. 

Air Guardians

Fairies: there are two kinds of them, the solitary fairies we can find around flowers and the fairy troops usually taking care of trees. There are also masculine fairies. They have insect-like wings similar to dragonfly or butterfly wings.

Elves: usually small and thin but with no wings and pointed ears.

    Sylphs: similar to fairies but with very large wings, almost angel-like beings, they take care of the wind and the purity of the air. 

      Water Guardians

      Mermaids and mermen: they live in the sea, numerous legends say the songs of the mermaids would seduce sailors and sometimes cause them to crash their ships and drown…often mistaken with the selkies legend, these beings had the appearance of a seal but could transform into human beings when coming on the shore.

      Undines and nymphs: we can find them in soft water, lakes, rivers and streams

      Naiads: more solitary they guard fountains, wells and waterfalls. 

      Wyverns: often described as water serpents or dragons they protect certain energy spots and take care of telluric lines, they have healing abilities. They are also associated with alchemy.

      Fire Guardians

      Salamanders, they live inside logs and are said to feed on the fire

      Unicorns: They symbolize femininity, wisdom, purity and creativity. Oftentimes we can see them around creative children or creative adults with a strong inner child. We can find images of unicorns dating back from ancient Babylonian and Sumerian times, some say they once walked upon the earth physically and that they were hunted for their magical horns. They then disappeared completely from the material world.

      Dragons: these mystical creatures are said to have also been incarnated physically back in time when there was less density on earth. They are benevolent beings, guardians of inter-dimensional portals and the sacred fire of earth.

      About Guardians or Elementals 

      Guardians or Elementals also called the little people usually have a strong personality with likes and dislikes. They are quite suspicious of humans. Whenever a person is about to enter their territory they energetically scan the person to see if they have a pure heart or not. The preservation of environment and the well-being of animals is their number one occupation and they can get angry against those who do not show respect. They can also be mischievous and play tricks on us. If you can’t find your keys anymore it might be a gnome or a troll trying to play with you and driving you nuts.

      They love it when we bring them treats: fresh fruit (organic and not rotten!), dry fruits, raw chocolate, nuts, honey…but don’t be surprised if you can still find the treats where you left them, they only absorb the food’s energy. If you want to have a more direct contact with them you can settle a little piece of your garden just for them so they’re not disturbed. Bring them some treats in exchange of their good care of your garden and you’ll see your plants flourishing abundantly.

      You can also take pictures of them in the wilderness, at dawn or dusk when the light is soft, you will sometimes see a light or orb on your pictures.

      Nature Guardians are in fact only waiting for you to connect with them and help them take care of nature and our dear Mother Earth. And my personal feeling is that with the earth’s Ascension into higher dimensions, this contact between human and elementals will increase in the years to come. Various inter-dimensional portals are in fact being reactivated again across the globe.

      So welcome to the wonderful world of elementals, accessible to those who kept their heart pure and their child spirit alive!


      Doreen Virtue’s certified Fairyologist course.


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