Collection: Grounding, Yoga & Meditation

Being grounded can mean the following:

  1. Being fully present in your body and in the present moment 
  2. Feeling connected  to the earth.

The following techniques can help to:

  • Clear the mind
  • Recharge energy
  • Strengthen instincts
  • Calm emotions

 Here are some tips to help you get the most out of these techniques:

  • Practice
  • Start as your emotions are rising 
  • Stick with the basics and avoid assigning values about how you feel about them
  • Check in with yourself
  • Keep your eyes open


Physical techniques

These techniques use your five senses or tangible objects to ground.


(a) Ground yourself Daily with a Body Clearing Ritual to feel your body:

(1) Place your bare feet on the ground and close your eyes

(2) Bend your knees and let your torso flop over

(3) Rub your feet, ankles and legs as you slowly rise your torso taking in deep breaths

(4) Rub your stomach and your lower back

(5) Next rub your heart and chest area

(6) Stretch your neck and rub it gently

(7) Massage your face, ears and third eye and finally the top of your eyes

(8) Raise your arms up above your head and stretch

(9) Lastly, move your arms into prayer position and give thanks


(b) 5-4-3-2-1 grounding

Working backward from 5, use your senses to list things you notice in the present moment. For example,  start by listing five things you see, then four things you hear, then three things you can touch, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste.  


(c) Listen to your surroundings

(e)  Savor a scent i.e. an essential oil

(f)  Touch Items around you or hold a crystal

(g) Take a short walk or move with yoga exercises

(h) Savor a food or drink

(i)  Breathe deeply

(f) Guided Meditation

Distraction techniques

These grounding exercises use distractions to help redirect your thoughts back to the present moment.

(a)  Play a memory game

(b) Think in categories- Mental list of a category I.e. types of flowers or crystals

(c)Use maths and numbers- Times tables, counting, number patterns

(d)Recite something- poem, book or passage you know from heart.

(e) Make yourself laugh

(f)Use an anchoring phrase I.e. It’s Monday the ….

(g)Visualize a daily task you enjoy or don’t mind doing

(h)Describe or visualise a common task step by step

(i) Visualise giving your negative feelings to an angel and let them go  

(j) Describe what’s around you

Soothing techniques

You can use these techniques to comfort yourself in times when you are overly emotional.

(a) Picture the  face , voice or hug of someone you love

(b) Practice self-kindness- I will make it etc.

(c) Connect with your pet or an animal 

(d) List or visualise  your  favorite  positive things or places

(e) Plan an activity with a friend or loved one.

(f) Touch  or listen to something comforting i.e. Angelic Music 


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