More Than Charms Rogue Fantasy CharacterNow you can enhance your tabletop fantasy game experience with this character journal. Record awesome adventures as your Rogue creeps into hidden chambers, crumbling castles and damp dungeons…Immerse yourself in a m


"In the shadows they dance, masters of deception and cunning. Rogues, agile and resourceful, navigate the world unseen, wielding blades and wits with deadly precision. Versatile in skill and unpredictable in nature, they thrive where others falter, their charm as sharp as their daggers."

A rogue is a skilled and cunning individual who excels in stealth, agility, and subterfuge. Often depicted as a versatile and resourceful character, rogues are adept at navigating through obstacles, picking locks, and disarming traps. They are known for their agility in combat, favoring quick and precise strikes over brute force, and are proficient in wielding a variety of weapons, such as daggers, swords, and ranged weapons. In addition to their prowess in combat, rogues are skilled in espionage, infiltration, and thievery, making them valuable assets for covert missions or heists. Their rogueish charm and ability to adapt to any situation make them intriguing and unpredictable allies or adversaries in role-playing games and fantasy literature.

In the realm of fantasy characters, which facets of Rogue energy do you identify with, and which ones do you find less appealing?