Mindful Monkey Business

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Mindful Monkey Business

My world has gone bananas with  a lot of money business....

Last week I was teaching a year 6 class and a student was proudly showing the  scratch game he made with bananas. He asked how he could improve it.  I said you should click and put in monkeys and they say... yum... yum.   It recorded it and sent it to my mum and sisters. 

 I had just received at lunch a text message from my mum and sisters sharing upsetting news about my dad who is currently in Intensive Care in Hospital...

My phone sent that crazy message to them!  

Later I stopped at the petrol station.  The banana lollies were on sale.  2 for 8 $.  Who makes bananas now? ….Life Savers.

So the mindful monkey message when the world has gone 🍌 bananas. 

1. Don’t stay too close to monkey 🙉 cages!

2. See no evil…Speak no evil and hear no evil

3. Raise your vibration with humour or a bit of cheer!

4. It's ok to have comfort food or a funny movie in times of grief

5. Share your cheer with others so that it will raise their vibration too!  (Dad loved this story!)

6. Take minerals and use essential oils to help you with your immunity

7. Get creative to help you deal with grief


 So here are some tips from the mindful monkey...

1. Embrace Curiosity:

  • Approach situations with a curious mindset.
  • Ask questions and seek to understand the world around you.


2. Think Outside the Box:

  • Challenge conventional thinking.
  • Look for alternative solutions and be open to new ideas.


3. Maintain a Playful Attitude:

  • Find joy in simple pleasures.
  • Approach challenges with a sense of play, turning them into opportunities for growth.


4. Clever Problem-Solving:

  • Analyze problems from different angles.
  • Use your wit and intelligence to find innovative solutions.


5. Surround Yourself with Inspiration:

  • Engage with diverse sources of inspiration, from books to art to nature.
  • Allow these influences to spark your creative thinking.


6. Express Yourself Creatively:

  • Engage in creative activities, whether it's art, writing, or any form of self-expression.
  • Let your imagination flow without judgment.


7. Share Laughter:

  • Surround yourself with people who bring joy and laughter.
  • Find humor in everyday situations and share laughter with others.


8. Practice Mindfulness:

  • Stay present in the moment.
  • Mindfulness can enhance creativity and help you appreciate the beauty in the small things.


9. Learn Continuously:

  • Stay curious and keep learning.
  • Expand your knowledge base, and let it fuel your creativity.


10. Celebrate Small Victories:

  • Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.
  • This fosters a positive and cheerful mindset.


11. Stay Adaptable:

  • Embrace change with an open mind.
  • Be adaptable and find opportunities for growth in new situations.


12. Collaborate and Share Ideas:

  • Engage in collaborative efforts.
  • Sharing ideas with others can lead to innovative solutions and a more creative environment.


Everyone deals with grief differently.  Life has many ebbs and flows.  I choose to raise my vibration as ....Thoughts Become Things. 


Do you have any funny monkey stories? My dad would love to hear them as he has a fabulous sense of humor...very much like Robyn Williams.



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