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Discover your personal power with one of our Journals, Logbooks, Notebooks or Planners.

At More Than Charms, we offer a range of gifts including:

• Celebrate Moments with Special Events, Health & Wealth

• Manifest Dreams with Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Gods

• Connect to Nature with Chinese Zodiac, Flora, Guardians and Spirit Animals

• Role Playing Dungeon Master, Fantasy Character and Themed Adventure Notebooks

• Inspire Change with Mood Toolbox and Personal Growth Stories

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Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Gods are here to guide and empower you on your journey. They can assist you in bringing awareness into your life and co-creating the life of your dreams. Choose to connect to:

♥ Angelic Realms

♥ Archangels

♥ Guardian Angels

♥ Ascended Masters

♥ Gods

♥ Goddesses such as Gaia, Kuan Yin and Phoenix Rising

♥ Star Sign Goddesses

Celebrating Special Events, Health and Wealth can bring an abundance of joy in your life. We offer a range of products that will assist you in celebrating many special moments such as:


 Baby Showers





 New Years

 Plus Much More...

There will be a perfect gift available that will make your moment special and make a difference with your loved ones.

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Connecting to the Environment helps to ground you with the Earth and experience the wonder that nature has to offer.

Connect with:

Chinese Zodiac

• Flora

• Spirit Guardians such as Fairies and Mermaids

• Spirit Animals

Would You Like Enhance Your Roleplaying Game?

Discover the magic with one of our RPG Dungeon Master and Character Journals.

Our range has a variety of products to make a difference in your Role Playing Game:

Journals to record your magical adventure

Notebooks with quotes and plenty of space for recording your adventures

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Do you know a child that is moody?

Mood toolbox is a practical intervention for parents, teachers and practitioners that will positively support children with learning how to effectively regulate their moods and social skills. Choose to connect to:

Mood tool Box Intervention Program

We offer the following in our series:

♥ Story Books, eBooks & Apps

♥ Activity and Coloring Books

♥ Journals and Notebooks

Our Personal Growth Stories examine Environmental AwarenessPersonal Development and the sense of Wonder with creation and the miracles that nature has to offer.

Our series of personal growth stories can be used by parents, teachers and practitioners to positively support children in learning about personal development and environmental awareness.

We offer the following in our series:

♥ Story Books, eBooks & Apps

♥ Activity and Coloring Books

♥ Journals and Notebooks

♥ Activity and Coloring Books

♥ Journals and Notebooks

If you can Envision it...We can Create it!

We offer ORIGINAL and QUALITY lifestyle products with a USER FRIENDLY online ordering system.

If there is a special design or product you would like, we can create it just for you

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