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Angelic Realm Personalized Laptop Case (Various Designs & Sizes)

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This lightweight, form-fitting laptop sleeve is a must-have for any laptop owner on the go. To prevent any scratches, it contains a padded zipper binding and its interior is lined with faux fur. What’s more, it’s made from a water-resistant and scratch-proof material, making sure that both the laptop and the sleeve design are intact from day to day.

Choose from the following Angelic Realms:

1st Realm: Seraphim- Remembrance…Presence…Light

2nd Realm: Cherubim- Mobility…Power…Guardian

3rd Realm: Thrones- Awaken…Heartfelt Capacity

4th Realm:Dominions- Cosmic Harmony…Universal Law

5th Realm: Virtues- Signs…Miracles…Cosmos

6th Realm: Powers- Empowerment…Restoring Order

7th Realm: Archangels (Note: 16 Individual Archangels are available)

8th Realm: Principalities- Divine Ministry

9th Realm: Guardian Angel (Note: 36 Individual Guardian Angels are available)

This personalized design allows for:*Choice of a circle design with background OR...*Full image design
Optional Changes:

  • color and text of the circle
  • Favourite photo or choose a design from our Gallery Facebook
Optional Additions:*Quote*Affirmation*Special Message or text
Note: While we make every effort to render the colours as true to form, we cannot account for variations in each individuals device screen as it may alter the colours of the physical product.While ordering you will be able to provide what you require at the CHECKOUT and we will CONFIRM your design before shipping the product. You can also EMAIL us at admin@morethancharms.comKeep love close with our peaceful online shopping alternative in these unprecedented times.
Would you like us to create an original design on this product? Visit to discover more or contact us at
Note: If You purchase a CUSTOMIZATION product and we create an original design for you, it can be used on multiple products at STANDARD product prices.Why not purchase an original designed product today and spread the love?