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Archangel Ariel Round 3D Crystal Ornament (Free Us Delivery)

Archangel Ariel Round 3D Crystal Ornament (Free Us Delivery)

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Connect to this special 3D Archangel  inside one of our beautiful crystal keepsakes! Show that special person just how much you care with an amazing 3D photo crystal! Never forget this Archangel to remind you to always call on them for assistance in our amazing 3D crystals. Complete your gift with up to 2 lines of inscription at no charge to further personalize your gift!

Made of optical crystal and featuring a silver pendant holder, this delicately faceted round ornament is perfect for holiday celebrations or as a sun catcher for the remainder of the year.

And to top it all off, your new crystal keepsake is presented in a beautiful black padded gift box featuring a royal blue satin lining, ready to present or gift wrap!

What is optical crystal? Is it the same thing as leaded crystal?

 Optical crystal is unlike any other crystal in that it has no mineral content at all. In fact, it is perfectly clear and colorless. Leaded crystal contains approximately 24% lead oxide, which gives off those beautiful colors when viewed in natural light. Lead crystal is not suitable for sub-surface laser engraving, but sand carves beautifully, making it one of the most elegant crystal gifts available. 

How do you laser engrave inside optical crystal?

We use highly accurate sophisticated lasers to focus energy at points inside the crystal. This focused energy creates a small point inside the glass. This process is repeated well over one-hundred thousand times at specifically aimed positions to create the lovely 3D image you see inside our crystal and glass products.

Shipping Information

It takes 7 business days to make this product. Shipping costs $0.00 (Only in the US) and products are fulfilled in the US only

*Your order will be shipped by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. In all cases, we will choose a service that can provide tracking information. We rely on the tracking information to prove delivery and complete the order.

Will our order arrive safely? 

We take extraordinary caution in packaging your shipment to ensure that it arrives safely. Each of our crystals are enclosed in a satin-lined and padded gift box. A white cardboard wrapper is added to ensure that the gift box does not open accidentally. Each crystal is shipped in new corrugated shipping cartons, which are lined with 3/4″ closed-cell foam on all sides. Shipping damage is a very rare occurrence because we take these precautions. 

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