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Archangel of Belief Circle Affirmation Pendant

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The Angel of Belief reminds us to have faith, trust in the mystery so that you can move forward on your path. When we have belief and trust in a Higher Power, we have faith that things are as they should be. At this present moment, we are all part of a Divine Plan. When you place your trust with the divine, it is a sacred mysterious relationship that will never be broken.

For relationships with mankind, remember that imperfections can occur where trust can be broken. This is a reminder for you to also be discerning. Be mindful of when and what you place your trust. Remember who you are to determine if the person, group or situation is worthy of your trust.

Product Information

  • It's sublimated on very high quality metals so that it has an incredible shine that you will love every time that you look at it.
  • Disc is 1in (25mm) in diameter, with a 18in (48cm) chain and a 4in (10cm) extension.
  • Made with high-grade 316L stainless steel, which will not oxidise or turn black.
  • Of course, all jewelry is nickel and lead free and will not give any allergic reaction.

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