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Chill Out Time App

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Everybody needs to learn how to chill out! How about some chill out time with Moodzie, a cute little creature that is sensitive to the World?

Perfect for children when they need a timeout to calm themselves or when a special activity needs to be timed in and out of the classroom! Great for children at heart to also use to monitor their own time out or important activities.

Using this app is easy. Simply choose your activity to chill out with and allocate the time. Simply tap to start the timer and watch the sand drop gently through the hourglass while listening to beautiful calming music.

The game included helps to focus attention away from negative feelings. Find the cute, happy Moodzie in the hourglass. How many times can you find him in the allocated time limit? It is a great game to help children focus and be calm. In addition, they can share their results on a leaderboard for positive reinforcement.

Chill out time is an essential app to have in your collection and it will allow children and the child within to learn valuable skills in calming. Experience its transformative powers for yourself! Download the app today!

App features:

  • Created by a Special Education teacher (over 25 years experience) and parent of a child with ASD.
  • Visit the free book and posters from our website to learn more about Moodzie.
  • Choose the time limit and activity you would like to do while chilling out.
  • Unlock a game to play while chilling out with one simple, affordable in-app purchase. You get to try it three times for free.
  • Leaderboards for the game are included to share with friends while in time out.
  • Improve your life and learn how to be calm and chill out with additional tips.
  • Twitter and Facebook integration for sharing this with friends and family.
  • Relax and listen to the healing music or watch the sand dropping through the hourglass.
  • Music from Mark Watson ( Angel Earth Music), a friend of Doreen Virtue.

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