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Education Service - Per 1 Hour Block

Education Service - Per 1 Hour Block

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Life Is Better With More Than Charms

We Provide Education Services on Zoom call.  Contact us for a quote for time for our services or purchase our blocks of time and we will keep you informed of additional time required to complete your project. Time depends on your needs. You can upload images and indicate what you require at the checkout.

  • Technology Skills- (1 Hours) We specialize in guiding and teaching individuals and businesses about their technology needs. Our expertise includes app creation, iMessage sticker packs, Social Media, Marketing and proficiency in design tools like InDesign and Photoshop. Additionally, we offer website creation services. If there's a specific skill you require, let us know – we're here to help and may be able to provide personalized training to meet your needs.

  • Mood Toolbox- Emotional Regulation Program  (Mood Toolbox) - (2 Hours) Our Mood Toolbox programs are designed to enhance children's well-being by providing strategies that empower them. Our teacher empowerment initiatives prioritize personal development and emotional regulation. Through specialized workshops, we provide educators with valuable tools for cultivating self-awareness, setting goals, and managing stress. The training encompasses effective strategies, enabling teachers to create positive classroom environments. By seamlessly integrating these skills into their teaching practices, our programs strive to establish a supportive learning atmosphere. This, in turn, empowers educators to make a positive impact on the holistic development of children.
  • Personal Development Story-Visit by the Author - (1 Hour) In a one-hour session with our author, young children explore personal growth through engaging animal stories. These tales highlight resilience, teamwork, and empathy, drawing parallels to their own experiences. The author also introduces environmental awareness, connecting individual development with the well-being of the planet. This brief yet impactful experience leaves children inspired and mindful of their personal growth journey and environmental responsibility.
  • Personalised Social Skills Stories- (2 Hours)  We can create a personalised social story book (Moodzie Chooses Social) to teach your child or student about social skills at school. Provide a picture of the child's face at checkout so we can create the book. A printable PDF or MOBI file will be provided.
  • Wellness Consultancy- (1 Hour Zoom Call) Our wellness consultancy specializes in promoting holistic well-being through natural solutions, featuring plant-derived mineral products and essential oils. Our services encompass personalized guidance and support to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health.


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