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Sending You An Angel For Prosperity: iMessage Sticker Pack

Sending You An Angel For Prosperity: iMessage Sticker Pack

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Place the angelic into your iMessages to friends and family with “Send an Angel for Prosperity Sticker Pack.

Build your own inspirational stickers with this incredible pack. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, animated and static stickers to create an angelic masterpiece that can bring balance to giving and receiving. This balance and positive affirmations can help you and others learn how to manifest prosperity.

Share your special message to help others in order to call in Archangel Ariel for assistance, with this unique, sticker pack. According to free will, Archangels will only assist when called. Apart from Ariel, Archangels Raziel, Michael, Metatron and Jophiel can also assist with manifesting for prosperity.

Sticker Pack Contents (Over 100 Stickers)

Artistic designs include a collection of over:

• 10 animated and static Archangel Ariel stickers

• 15 beautiful static angelic background and object stickers to build your own unique messages.

• 25 Animated stickers such as coins and treasure chests.

• 50 messages for prosperity and manifesting


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