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Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Diffuse tea tree essential oil to eliminate smelly or unpleasant odors in the home.
Blend this oil with citrus essential oils such as Lemon or Lemongrass for a natural deodorizer.

Mix Tea Tree with water in a small spray bottle, then use the spray to clean fabrics and towels.


Tea Tree essential oil has a fresh, invigorating scent that can be used in a diffuser to clean unpleasant odors.

Tea Tree also makes itself a great addition to skin and beauty products because of its anti-flamming properties.Tea Tree Essential oil is believed to have potential properties of eliminating airborne bacteria.

When diffused, Tea Tree Essential Oil boosts immunity, eases anxiety, relieves insomnia, and helps you fight infections.
Its herbaceous scent may also boost your mood, motivation, and focus.


Tea Tree can eliminate the pungent odor of gym clothes dispersing in your laundry room; it helps you tackling the endless pile of smelly clothes and fabrics.
With this fascinating aroma, this essential oil can lift your spirits and ease your daily stress, serving you with a memorable spa experience at home.
With a inspiring and refreshing scent, Tea Tree Essential Oil helps you restore inner power and stay focused during work sessions or studying.