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Tips For Gratitude

Tips For Gratitude

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Moodzie realizes that for some people being more gracious may be a very tough task, as even though a lot of the times as individuals we are thankful for something however we still may struggle to actually show it a lot of the time. Moodzie has some tips for people who struggle to be gracious, even though they may want to show their thankfulness more so. Gracious itself is defined as being pleasantly kind, which to be honest a lot of people are not.
The act of gratitude is all about making others around you feel better and more content with themselves. Moodzie’s first of many tips on becoming gracious would be, simply to humble yourself, as to praise and reward others one must learn to be humble themselves, this of course for many is a very tough task, however if one truly wants to show gratitude it is a must. Another tip by Moodzie to be more gracious, is to be nice and thankful to others and not going attempting to humiliate and embarrass others around you.
As gracious individuals are quick to say kind things such as “thank you”, rather than being quick to point out someone else’s flaw, and embarrass them for it. To be a gracious person, one must also learn how to become a listener, as this is an essential tip for learning the art of gratitude, one cannot be talking over others all the time, not listen to other people’s problems and show disregard, while keeping their own gratitude. A gracious person makes it a point to pay attention to others, and other people’s problems, as a gracious person takes part in others happiness but also their sadder moments as well.

Moodzie also would like to emphasize to be gracious, you must in overall aspects be a thankful person, and realize the blessings you were given rather than being someone who complains all the time, as if you are not thankful it surely will be a struggle to show a positive attitude to others around you, when your attitude with yourself is not even positive. Gracious people recognize the good in every situation, regardless of how negative or tough it may be, as a gracious person in a way you must also be very positive and look for the good things in life. The art and act of being gracious is like so many areas in our busy lives; it is about making a conscious effort, and with these choices there are measured consequences, and Moodzie would like to encourage you to be a gracious person whenever you can. It is never too late to be more gracious, and the feeling you personally get from reaching out and being kind and thankful to others around you is wonderful truly, as it improves your mood, which in overall aspects improves your life.


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