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Tips For Positivity

Tips For Positivity

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Being positive is something very beneficial for everyone really, however the fact is some people may be really positive, however many people are not, or struggle to become more positive individuals. Moodzie has some tips on how to become more positive, and explain the benefits of being a more positive individual. Research indicates happiness is more so a choice, rather than being a by-product of circumstances, as there are many people, who may have optimal circumstances to be feeling happy or fulfilled yet they still may feel deprived of something in their lives. Hence, we ourselves choose whether or not we wish to be happy or whether or not we want to feel depressed or out of order.

Moodzie’s tips to being a more positive individual are firstly become more aware, as a lot of the times negative do not occur consciously meaning a lot of the times we are not even aware of them. As a positive thinker, you must always be aware, and whenever you may feel like you are getting a negative thought, just reverse it with something positive, as being a more aware individual can have great benefits. Furthermore, in order to receive more positive thoughts, we as humans must stop labelling our thoughts, in the sense as a society we always label something as either good or bad, rather we must take things in more organically.

Click Here To Inspire Change Moodzie personally hates labelling thoughts, as good or bad, as whenever Moodzie starts labelling his thoughts Moodzie become more stressed, which eventually leads to a more negative personality. Another tip to being more positive is, simply relax and meditate more, as meditation whether it be religious or spiritual is known to alleviate stress and help combat negative thoughts, people who meditate on a regular basis are more likely to be happy and satisfied within their lives, compared to those who do not. Lastly but certainly not least, Moodzie’s most important tip to being more positive, would be simply to surround yourself with more positive people. As the traditional quote, “you are who you associate with”, is surely true, and if you hang around people who may have a negative outlook of life, likelihood of you being similar, are quite high. Whereas if your friends or peers, are themselves positive and bright individuals, yourself you will also be more motivated to be the same, as peer influence especially at a young age has a dramatic influence on people. As Research indicates that toxic situations can be viral in a sense, if everyone around you is in a negative mood chances are so will you be, whereas if the opposite is true, you also will be in a positive mood. Hence in terms of pure benefit, the best tip to being more positive alongside the other beneficial tips would be to surround yourself with more positive people.


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