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Trick or Treat??? App - More Than Charms

Trick or Treat??? App - More Than Charms

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Halloween will be here soon and there is just one challenge. Pumpkin Jack has simply vanished! How will the trick or treaters be protected from all the evil creatures and spirits that roam during Halloween?

Fortunately, the little vampire bat has come to help save Halloween. As you go trick or treating with the little bat, read the story to discover the clues. Through various eerie activities and games you can earn extra points, save Halloween and learn valuable lessons about bats, animal care, ecology and Halloween traditions along the way.

“Trick or Treat Adventure’ allows children to try a number of other Halloween-themed games and activities for free, including:

1. Story: Children develop reading skills and enjoy beautiful graphics as they flip through the pages of this e-book. What’s that strange noise? James and Joy jump with fright while trick or treating. Will the children have the courage to investigate? Come along on a magical adventure with James and Joy to meet one of nature’s most spooky animals.

2. Tips: Learn all about Halloween and how to care for bats.

3. Quiz: Play the fun quiz to learn more about Halloween.

4. Dress Up: Dress the boy and girl in Halloween costumes.

5. Treat Maker: Make and decorate tasty treats for Halloween.

6. TrickyTreasure: Game: Find all of the treats in this fast-paced treasure hunt game.

With spooky landscapes to explore, Trick or Treat keeps children engaged. As they progress, they'll make friends and earn points by finding Pumpkin Jack. Achievements unlock extra Pumpkin Jack points to continue the fun. As they continue to play, children can also unlock achievements with additional fun games, as well as additional surprise Halloween game to play in which players can choose the costume that the little bat wears.

Easy to play, educational and full of fun, Trick or Treat Adventure is an educational App that will get children excited and educated for Halloween, but that is sure to be a favorite app to use year round. Download it today and get ready to help the little bat save Halloween.

Halloween Treasure Hunt Product Features:

* Educational Halloween themed App with vivid, spooky graphics
* Story that provides clues and educates children about caring for animals
* The story, quiz, tips and virtual vampire bat are provided for free to use at home and in the classroom.
* Unlock all the great games and activities with one simple in-app purchase
* Customize your bat, sky, and ground with one simple in-app purchase
* Simple tap-to-play interface allows children to begin playing right away
* Add music to the game by choosing a favorite song from a selection of tracks
* Find pumpkin Jack complete achievements to unlock additional fun games and activities
* Compatible with Facebook, Twitter and World Leaderboards to post scores
* Teaches facts about Halloween, caring for bats and the environment in a fun, engaging way
* Introduces children to vampire bats to increase awareness

* Created by a teacher with facts provided by the Organization for Bat Conservation, USA

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