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Wood Grain Essential Oil Starter Kit (Free Us Delivery)

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Improve the quality of your life right now! This 2020 essential oil starter kit leads you to a new and healthier lifestyle, keeping you safe from chemicals and toxins. Packed with AromaEasy favorites, this kit contains a selection of the best essential oils in the world with AromaEasy ® top quality commitment and everything you need to start your aroma journey.

Your Starter Kit Includes:

  • Wood Grain Diffuser X131
  • Power adapter
  • Diffuser Holder Carousel
  • Essential-oil x12 bottles
    • Lavender 10-ml
    • Eucalyptus 10-ml
    • Tea Tree 10-ml
    • Sweet Orange 10-ml
    • Peppermint 10-ml
    • Lemon 10-ml
    • Jasmine 10-ml
    • Geranium 10-ml
    • Rosemary 10-ml
    • Chamomile 10-ml
    • Green Tea 10-ml
    • Ylang Ylang 10-ml