More Than Charms Paladin Fantasy CharacterNow you can enhance your tabletop fantasy game experience with this character journal. Record awesome adventures as your Paladin steps into medieval chambers, crumbling castles and damp dungeons…Immerse yourself i


"Radiant in the light of righteousness, the paladin stands as a beacon of hope and strength, wielding divine power to vanquish evil and protect the innocent."

Paladins are holy warriors devoted to justice, righteousness, and the protection of the innocent. They wield both martial prowess and divine magic, serving as champions of their faith or cause. Paladins are sworn to uphold oaths of honor and virtue, often pursuing quests to vanquish evil, defend the weak, and promote goodness in the world. They are known for their unwavering resolve, righteousness, and commitment to their beliefs, inspiring allies and striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

In the realm of fantasy characters, which facets of Paladin energy do you identify with, and which ones do you find less appealing?