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Do you and your pets have the gift of health? Are you and your animals healthy? Do you want to protect your family from becoming ill? If so... You have come to the right place. 

Paradise Nutrients has a unique range of mineralized health products for the home, garden and farm.

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Journey To Wellness

Discover some of the most healthy and safe products on the planet so that you can live your best life - for any age, lifestyle or need. Visit our Paradise Nutrients store to discover more so or you can join to become a member for FREE and recieve wholesale prices on products that ship Worldwide.

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Why Minerals?

Why I Share These Products

These Incredible products have made a massive  difference in my life and for my family.

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These Products Saved My Life

I have been using these incredible products for myself and my family since Paradise Nutrients started. I have an auto immune condition called Sarcoidosis that causes inflammation and scaring in my vital organs. I spent 8 years coughing until I found the plant derived minerals that are now available from Paradise Nutrients. They have completely saved my life. My condition is in remission with Plant Derived Mineral products, I am a teacher and an app developer and if it wasn’t for using these products, as well as the non-toxic and safe household products, I would not be alive today. I was even told I would never have children without IVF, but I was able to naturally conceive while using these plant derived minerals. Today I am blessed with my health and two healthy boys.

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Miracle Leg...

When on holidays in November 2012, my husband broke the bone in his shin. He was fishing and had to stand on his broken, bleeding leg for two hours before he could be airlifted to hospital.


While at a Gold Coast Hospital, he was operated on, a pin was placed in his leg. Two weeks later he had a major infection in his leg and had to stay a month in hospital. He had a blood clot and the medication he was given for his infection resulted in kidney failure.After four operations, they removed part of his skin and created a skin graft.


I gave him the Immune Support and Minerals and his graft took and the infection disappeared. He started walking again and was finally out of a wheel chair. The doctors were amazed at his recovery and called it the MIRACLE LEG. Thanks to Paradise Nutrients, these products has saved his life and leg.

Paradise Nutrients definitely made a difference in my life and for many people that I have helped.

The majority of the nutritional products at Paradise Nutrients have 74+ pure organic plant derived mineral enhancers added for human and animal consumption, as well as soil stimulators and plant food and boosters.

PN’s products include a range of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Myrtle based home, personal care, pet and farm products. AMAZING Products that also fix and heal, as it is so important to have a healthy immune system!

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Health is the greatest gift....

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