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Welcome to the exclusive More Than Charms Club. You will receive the perfect  gifts....a Tailsman to guide you and we also help others around the World!



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Would you like a message from an Angel?

Do you need to manifest your dreams? Discover your higher self when you connect with the Angels. It's the energy of flow, manifestation, intuition, compassion and being heart-centered. Connecting with these powerful spirit guides can assist you with manifesting your dreams, as well as guiding you on your spiritual path. 

Discover All About The Angels From The Angelic Realm and their special talents:

1. Seraphim- 


2. Cherubim- 



Awaken…Heartfelt Capacity

4. Dominions-

Cosmic Harmony…Universal Law

5. Virtues- 


6. Powers- 

Empowerment…Restoring Order

7. Archangels-

20 Divine Messengers To Choose From

8. Principalities- 

Divine Ministry

9. Guardian Angels- 

36 Divine Guides To Choose From

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