More Than Charms Cleric Fantasy CharacterNow you can enhance your tabletop fantasy game experience with this character journal. Record awesome adventures as your Cleric steps into holy churches, crumbling castles and damp dungeons…Immerse yourself in a ma


"In the heart of battle, the cleric stands as a beacon of divine light, channeling the power of their deity to heal the wounded, smite the wicked, and guide their allies to victory."

A cleric is a fantasy character typically depicted as a devout follower of a deity or higher power, bestowed with divine magic and granted the ability to perform miracles. They serve as healers, protectors, and spiritual leaders, using their powers to aid their allies and combat evil forces. Clad in holy vestments and wielding symbols of their faith, clerics embody righteousness and devotion, offering hope and salvation to those in need.

In the realm of fantasy characters, which facets of Cleric energy do you identify with, and which ones do you find less appealing?