Collection: Angel of Nature

Nature Angels remind you to be still, slow down and quieten your thoughts. They help you to see the beauty of nature and of the shining soul, i.e. beauty from within helps to appreciate beauty without. Only then can we connect with divine intelligence and ground our energy with the sacred quality of nature and be part of the living Earth. Connecting to nature means that connect to all elements on Earth including:  Air; Water; Fire and Earth. In addition you can connect beyond Earth through the practice of astrology, including: Sun; Moon; Stars and Planets. 

When you go back to nature and put your feet on the ground you will align with the same cycle of magnification with nature. Being in this life force energy will help clear the mind so that you can successfully manifest your dreams. Like the tree roots, your ideas begin below the surface of consciousness until an idea arrives, conviction takes hold, and something meaningful can be planted. 


  • Listen to Nature Sound Tracks
  • Use essential oils to connect to nature
  • Plan a trip to get into nature i.e. the beach, forest etc.
  • Receive the healing power of the sun
  • Get out into the garden
  • Hit the trails in a National Park
  • Fly above it all
  • Cleanse your body with a swim in water 
  • Purify the air to bring harmony to the environment
  • Sit out at night and connect with the moon, stars and planets





Crystals and Gemstones: 

Tree Agate, Amber, Aragonite, Black Kyanite, Magnetite, Peridot,  Prehnite,  Preseli Bluestone  and  Smokey Quartz 

Essential Oils: 

Vetiver, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, and Cedarwood