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New Years & Other Celebrations

As the clock strikes midnight, let your style reflect the brilliance of new beginnings. Here's to a year of fashion-forward moments, sparkling memories, and the unwritten chapters of elegance that await in the New Year.

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Tips For Connecting

Connecting on a spiritual level can be a profound and intimate experience, enriching our lives in countless ways. By incorporating various tools and practices into our routines, such as health and wellbeing, crystals, essential oils, and sacred symbols, we can deepen our meditation, foster a stronger connection and invite greater spiritual presence into our lives. Here are some tips to help you enhance your spiritual connection:

  • Set Clear Intentions: Begin by clearly defining your purpose for connecting spiritually, whether it's for guidance, healing, or growth.
  • Create a Sacred Space: Designate a clean, harmonious environment where you can engage in your spiritual practice free from distractions.
  • Connect with Nature: Spend regular time outdoors to engage your senses fully.
  • Call Upon a Guide: Invite the energy of the guide, higher beings, or your chosen deity into your space through prayer, meditation, or visualization.
  • Use Sacred Words or Prayers: Incorporate meaningful words, incantations, mantras, or prayers that resonate with your spiritual beliefs to set the tone for your practice.
  • Cultivate Gratitude: Foster an attitude of gratitude to attract to attract positive energies and blessings.
  • Visualize Guidance: Envision your spiritual guide or higher self providing support and clarity in alignment with your intentions.
  • Open Your Heart: Cultivate feelings of love, compassion, empathy, harmony and forgiveness. Create a receptive space in your heart for spiritual insights and healing.
  • Seek Signs and Messages: Request clear signs or messages and remain open to receiving clear signs, symbols, or messages from as confirmation of your connection.
  • Trust and Surrender: Trust in the process and surrender any doubts or fears, knowing that your intentions are being heard and supported.
  • Nurture the Connection: Establish a regular spiritual practice to nurture and strengthen your connection over time, allowing for deeper insights and transformative experiences.

Remember that your spiritual journey is deeply personal and unique to you. Feel free to adapt these tips to align with your beliefs and preferences, embracing authenticity and sincerity in your pursuit of spiritual connection. Ultimately, approach your practice with an open heart, genuine curiosity, and a willingness to cultivate a deeper relationship with the divine.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Eat Right: Fuel your body with balanced meals rich in whole foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Supliment with Plant Derived minerals, vitamins and superfoods.
  • Sleep Well: Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to recharge your body and mind.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to support hydration and overall health.
  • Move Often: Incorporate regular physical activity into your routine to boost mood and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Practice Mindfulness: Take time for meditation or deep breathing to reduce stress and increase self-awareness.
  • Build Connections: Foster meaningful relationships with friends and family to enhance social support.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Make time for activities that bring you joy and relaxation to maintain emotional well-being.


Clear Quartz:

  • Amplifies intentions and positive energy.
  • Ideal for setting clear goals and intentions for the coming year.


  • Symbolizes abundance and prosperity.
  • Invokes a sense of joy and optimism for the future.


  • Enhances spiritual awareness and intuition.
  • Promotes a peaceful and balanced atmosphere.

Rose Quartz:

  • Radiates love and compassion.
  • Perfect for fostering harmonious relationships and self-love.

Black Tourmaline:

  • Grounds and protects against negative energy.
  • Ideal for creating a shield of positivity as you enter the New Year.


  • Boosts creativity and motivation.
  • Infuses a vibrant energy for new beginnings.


  • Enhances intuition and spiritual growth.
  • Brings a touch of magic and serendipity to your journey.


  • Cleanses and purifies energy.
  • Creates a serene and uplifting environment.


  • Connects with the energy of the moon.
  • Promotes emotional balance and new possibilities.


  • Attracts abundance and prosperity.
  • Encourages a positive and confident mindset.

Essential Oils


  • Symbolizes renewal and spiritual connection.
  • Eases stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm.


  • Known for its grounding properties.
  • Encourages introspection and mindfulness.


  • Invigorating and energizing aroma.
  • Helps with fatigue and enhances alertness during celebrations.


  • Uplifting and refreshing scent.
  • Promotes a positive atmosphere and mental clarity.


  • Calming and soothing.
  • Ideal for creating a relaxed ambiance as you reflect on the past year.


  • Boosts mental clarity and focus.
  • Stimulating scent for a vibrant start to the New Year.


  • Brings a sense of joy and positivity.
  • Elevates the mood and adds a bright note to the atmosphere.


  • Warm and inviting fragrance.
  • Creates a cozy ambiance for New Year's gatherings.

Juniper Berry:

  • Cleansing and purifying properties.
  • Ideal for clearing the air and promoting a fresh start.


  • Citrusy and uplifting.
  • Encourages a sense of joy and optimism as you welcome the New Year.


White Lilies:

  • Symbolize purity and new beginnings.
  • Perfect for creating an atmosphere of fresh starts and clarity.

Red Roses:

  • Represent love and passion.
  • Ideal for celebrating connections and relationships as you enter the New Year.


  • Symbolize positivity and strength.
  • Bring a sense of joy and optimism to your celebrations.


  • Represent longevity and happiness.
  • Perfect for setting intentions for a joyous and fulfilling year ahead.


  • Symbolize beauty and refinement.
  • Add an exotic touch to your New Year's decor, fostering an elegant ambiance.


  • Represent rebirth and renewal.
  • Ideal for infusing a sense of freshness and vitality into your space.


  • Symbolize admiration and gratitude.
  • Perfect for expressing thanks for the past year and embracing the new.


  • Represent new beginnings and hope.
  • Bring a touch of brightness and optimism to your celebrations.


  • Symbolize good fortune and prosperity.
  • Add a luxurious and auspicious touch to your New Year's floral arrangements.

Baby's Breath:

  • Represent purity and innocence.
  • Ideal for creating delicate and ethereal floral arrangements.


Midnight Toast:

  • Raise a glass as the clock strikes midnight to usher in the New Year.
  • Symbolizes togetherness, gratitude, and the anticipation of new beginnings.

Fireworks Display:

  • Illuminate the night sky with fireworks to mark the transition to the New Year.
  • Represents joy, celebration, and the casting away of the old.


  • Embrace the Scottish tradition of "first-footing" by being the first person to enter a home after the stroke of midnight.
  • Brings good luck and prosperity to the household.

New Year's Resolutions:

  • Set intentions for personal growth and positive change in the coming year.
  • Encourages reflection and goal-setting for self-improvement.

Countdown Rituals:

  • Participate in countdowns, whether in public celebrations or at home, to welcome the New Year.
  • Creates a shared moment of excitement and anticipation.

Feast of Grapes (Spain):

  • Eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight, each representing a month of the coming year.
  • Brings good luck for each month ahead.

Burning of Effigies (Ecuador):

  • Burn effigies or scarecrows representing the old year to symbolize letting go of the past.
  • Clears the way for a fresh start in the New Year.

First Sunrise (Japan):

  • Witness the first sunrise of the year, known as "hatsu-hinode."
  • Symbolizes renewal, hope, and a new beginning.

New Year's Day Polar Bear Plunge:

  • Take a chilly plunge into icy waters on New Year's Day.
  • Represents courage, resilience, and a bold start to the year.

New Year's Day Brunch:

  • Gather with loved ones for a special New Year's Day brunch.
  • Creates a cozy and communal atmosphere to start the year on a delightful note.