Collection: Archangel Jeremiel


Jeremiel's name means "Mercy of God". Archangel Jeremiel is known as the Angel of hopeful visions and dreams and overcoming difficulties. He communicates hopeful messages to people who are discouraged or troubled. Jeremiel's message is "the challenges you've faced have made you stronger and have taught you lessons." Instead of becoming bitter, open your heart with compassion towards people in similar situations. 

Color: Violet or reddish purple 

Astrology - Scorpio: The truth teller who can exist in the shadows 

Crystal or Gemstone:

Amethyst, Angelite, Howlite or Lepidotite

Essential Oils to invoke Archangel Jeremiel:

Angelica, Chenille Plant, Black Spruce or Grapefruit

Chakra: Sacral, heart, crown and third eye 

Affirmation: Thank you Archangel Jeremiel for assisting me in giving me hope. (details of what you want) 

Assists With: 

  • Mercy, compassion, hope, emotions and understanding 
  • Newly-crossed over souls to review their lives 
  • Those still living to take an inventory of their life, to be able to make positive changes and forgive 
  • Visions, life review and psychic dreams 
  • Before bed, meditate and ask for guidance from Jeremiel
  • Ask that you will remember when you wake up 

Life Purpose: 

  • Help discouraged or troubled people to fulfil their life purpose, seek direction, solve problems, pursue healing and find encouragement.