Collection: Archangel Raziel

Wisdom…Dreams…Magic…Past Life 

Raziel is the "Keeper of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries" - the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul. Raziel is often depicted bringing light into darkness, which symbolises his work bringing the light of understanding into the darkness of people's confusion. 

Color: Rainbow 

Astrology - Leo: The dramatic colours bright, rainbow light 

Crystal or Gemstone: Clear quartz 


Essential Oils to invoke Archangel Raziel:

Bay, Benzoin, Carrot seed, Cinnamon, Galbanum, Jasmine,  Lemon Verbena, Lime, Mimosa, Myrrh, Narcissus, Neroli, Rose, Rosewood, Sage, Sandalwood and Tuberose



Chakra: Heart, third eye and crown 


Affirmation: Thank you Archangel Raziel for providing wisdom from the universe. (details of what you want)

Assists With:


  • Understanding, revelation, clarity, trust and faith 
  • Heals spiritual and psychic blocks 
  • Dream interpretation and past life memories 
  • Manifesting, divine magic, esoteric secrets, clairvoyance and divine guidance 

Life Purpose: 

  • Helps original thinkers with their ideas and creativity 
  • Patron Angel of law makers and lawyers
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