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Azrael is the "Archangel of Death". He is also the "Angel of retribution". Azael is a powerful Angel who teaches you about truth and illusion, life and death, to bring strength of soul and help to transcend your fears. Azael is also an extremely loving and gentle being, who offers assistance to souls through the death process, making their transition back into the spiritual world from the physical.

Color: Beige 

Astrology - Capricorn: Healer concerned with mortality and finality 

Crystal or Gemstone: Yellow Calcite 


Essential Oils to invoke Archangel Azrael: 

Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove

Chakra: Heart and crown


Affirmation: Thank you Archangel Azrael for helping me to let go, heal my heart and move forward in life. (details of what you want)

Assists With: 

  • Compassion, strength, transitions, comfort and releasing fears. Letting go and healing the heart 
  • Truth, understanding, insight and strength 
  • Grief counselling 
  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed 

Life Purpose:

  • Patron Angel of the Clergy 
  • Grief counselling, hospitals
  • Guide you with words and actions to comfort, empower the bereaved 
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