More Than Charms DragonsActively connect to dragons & the environment through our various gifts for personal growth. What will you discover when you connect with a dragon?


Within the fiery heart of dragons, courage and wisdom dance in an eternal embrace, painting the skies with tales of ancient strength and untamed beauty.

A dragon, majestic and formidable, possesses scales that glisten like polished gems. Its wings, adorned with iridescent patterns, stretch wide, capturing the sunlight in a mesmerizing display. The dragon's eyes, akin to molten gold, reflect ancient wisdom and an otherworldly intelligence.


  • Affirmation: "I embrace the power and wisdom of the dragon within me."
  • Astrology: Dragons are not typically associated with traditional astrology, but their energy resonates with the elemental qualities of fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
  • Color: Dragons are often depicted in various colors, each representing different attributes. For example, red dragons symbolize power and strength, while green dragons represent growth and renewal.
  • Chakra: Dragons are closely linked with the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), representing personal power, confidence, and willpower. They also influence the Root Chakra (Muladhara) for grounding and protection.
  • Life Purpose: Dragons inspire individuals to embrace their inner strength, courage, and wisdom. They encourage personal growth, empowerment, and the pursuit of one's true path and purpose.
  • Symbol: Dragons symbolize power, wisdom, protection, and transformation. They are often seen as guardians and guides, representing the balance between primal instincts and higher consciousness.
  • Totem / Spirit Animal: Dragons serve as powerful totems and spirit animals, offering guidance, protection, and inspiration. They embody the qualities of strength, resilience, and adaptability, guiding individuals through times of change and transformation.

Tips For Connecting

  • To connect with dragons is to embark on a journey into the realms of myth and imagination. Begin by immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of dragon lore, exploring ancient myths and contemporary tales that celebrate their majestic presence. Cultivate a sense of reverence for these mythical beings, acknowledging the potent blend of ancient wisdom and untamed power they embody.
  • Create a personal space dedicated to the spirit of dragons, whether through art, imagery, or symbolic representations. This sacred space can serve as a focal point for meditation and reflection, allowing you to attune your energies to the mythical essence of dragons.
  • Engage with your own creativity by envisioning encounters with dragons in your mind's eye. Allow your imagination to soar as you visualize the majestic creatures, fostering a sense of connection through the power of your thoughts.
  • In your daily life, be mindful of the signs and symbols associated with dragons. Whether in dreams, nature, or unexpected encounters, remain open to the subtle whispers of dragon energy that may manifest around you.
  • Ultimately, connecting with dragons is a personal and intuitive journey. Approach it with an open heart, a sense of wonder, and a willingness to explore the magical intersection between myth and reality. In doing so, you may find yourself forging a unique and meaningful connection with these legendary beings.


  • Labradorite: Known for its iridescence, Labradorite is associated with mystical and magical energies. It is believed to enhance intuition and spiritual connection.
  • Amethyst: A crystal often linked to spiritual growth and protection, Amethyst can help create a tranquil and focused atmosphere during meditation.
  • Obsidian: With its grounding properties, Obsidian can be used to establish a strong foundation for connecting with mythical energies.
  • Fluorite: Fluorite is associated with clarity and focus, helping to sharpen the mind and enhance spiritual insight during meditation.
  • Dragon's Blood Jasper: Named for its vibrant red and green patterns, this crystal is associated with strength, courage, and the mythical realm.
  • Clear Quartz: A versatile crystal, Clear Quartz is believed to amplify energy and intention, making it a useful tool for enhancing spiritual practices.
  • Citrine: Citrine is associated with positive energy, abundance, and manifestation, creating a welcoming environment for connecting with mythical energies.

Essential Oils

Dragon's Breath Blend:

Mix these essential oils with a carrier oil (such as jojoba or sweet almond oil) before applying them to your skin or using them in a diffuser. As you inhale the aroma, engage in meditation or visualization to enhance your connection with the mythical energy associated with dragons.

Plants, Flowers and Essences

  • Orchids: Orchids are associated with rare beauty, strength, and power. They can symbolize the exotic and the mysterious, making them a fitting choice for dragon connections.
  • Iris: Iris flowers symbolize connection to the divine, communication between realms, and the pursuit of knowledge. This makes them a meaningful choice for those seeking a mystical connection.
  • Lotus: The lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. It has deep spiritual significance in various cultures and can enhance a sacred space for connection.
  • Snapdragon: Snapdragons are often associated with mythical creatures due to their unique shape. They symbolize strength and grace, creating an atmosphere that resonates with dragon energy.
  • Gladiolus: Known for its tall, impressive spikes of flowers, the gladiolus represents strength of character and moral integrity, qualities that can align with the mythical attributes of dragons.
  • Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemums are symbols of longevity, transformation, and resurrection. Their vibrant colors can add an element of vitality to a space dedicated to dragon connections.
  • Peony: Peonies symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage. They bring a sense of positive energy and abundance to a setting focused on mystical connections.

Spiritual Icons

  • Dragon Statues or Figurines: Small sculptures or figurines depicting dragons can serve as visual representations and reminders of the mythical creatures. These icons can be placed in meditation spaces or on altars.
  • Dragon Jewelry: Dragon-themed jewelry, such as pendants or rings, can be worn as symbols of personal connection with dragon energy. Some individuals may believe that wearing such items helps attune them to the mystical qualities associated with dragons.
  • Dragon Symbols and Runes: Ancient symbols and runes associated with dragons can be incorporated into spiritual practices. These symbols may include depictions of dragon claws, scales, or wings.
  • Dragon Artwork: Paintings or drawings of dragons can be used as spiritual icons, providing visual inspiration for connecting with the mythical and powerful energy attributed to these creatures.
  • Dragon Incense Burners: Incense burners designed in the shape of dragons can add a sensory element to your spiritual space, creating an atmosphere conducive to connecting with mythical energies.
  • Dragon Amulets or Talismans: Small amulets or talismans featuring dragon imagery or symbols can be carried or worn as protective charms, fostering a sense of connection with dragon energy.