Embody the divine feminine energy of Phoenix Rising, the Goddess of the Sun.

The Goddess Phoenix Rising is associated  with the sun, as the phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes. Originating from Ancient Egypt, This mythical bird with a fiery plumage lives for over 100 years. When  is close transformation it will settle in a nest of wings to burn ferociously, so that it  it can transform into a new dimension from the ashes.

This Goddess assists you  to rise like a phoenix from the ashes so that you can emerge from a challenge stronger, smarter and more powerful. This transformation reveals  strength within adverse circumstances. Success will prevail after we rise from the ashes and go with the flow in life. 

Element: Sun

Essential Oils: Essential Oils

Cyrprus supports with grieving in peace, Flowing with life, transitions or transformations that bring peace.

Juniper Berry assists  with fear , protection, strength and discourse into the abyss. 

Chrysanthemum assists with success. Raising your vibration, glory and radiance will assist with achievement in life.


Smoky Quartz  will assist wen you need to release the need to be in control so that you be in the flow of life.

Black Onyx is the stone of strength and  promote stamina  during times of stress, confusion or grief.

Citrine  is known as the stone of success and it is associated with positivity and optimism when making changes in your life. It also assists with new beginnings and transformation.