𓆩♡𓆪 Manifest with the divine feminine energy of Gaia, Mother Earth.

Gaia is the reason that the mountains, seas, plains, rivers, the god Uranus, and the starry heavens were formed. Connecting with Gaia can assist you with manifesting your desires into physical form.

Element: Earth, Water, Air & Fire 

Ruling Planet: Venus

Birthstone: Emerald or Chrysoprase

Crystal or Gemstone: 

• Prehnite brings protection and calmness to the wearer

• Aragonite will ground you

• Peridot is the heartbeat of Gaia

• Green obsidian wil enhance your connection with Goddess Gaia and also bring prosperity

Essential Oils: Ylang ylang, orange, patchouli, lavender, rose geranium and cinnamon

Flower: Rose, Magnolia


Finding balance with the Elements:

Earth: Logic, groundedness & hard work.

Water: Cleansing, letting go & healing

Air: Breath, communication, truth & purpose

Fire: Transformation, change, growth, courage & passion

• Centering and connecting to your higher self or guides

• Calmness to an otherwise chaotic Universe

• Manifesting your desires in Physical Form

• Personal power, wisdom and wellbeing

• Spiritual interaction and connection with our environment

• Making a difference with humanity and the environment