Now you can enhance your tabletop fantasy game experience with this character journal. Record awesome adventures as your Fighter steps into fierce battle fields, crumbling castles and damp dungeons…Immerse yourself in a magical journey as your Fighter battles dangerous dragons, mighty monsters and other mythical creatures…Sketch, collage and write inspired notes and insights. Overall, this powerful journal contains everything that you will need to keep track of your Fighter’s entire adventure.

  • Journals to Streamline your Adventures

    • Professionally designed leather look matte 6x9 inch paperback or hardcover

    • Quality 200 cream pages with black print

    • Graphical borders and title pages

    Note: Title page images, borders and information varies depending on the your character.

  • Track Your Entire RPG Adventure

    This streamlined fantasy character journal contains everything that you will need to keep track of your fantasy character’s entire journey. Sections include:

    • Adventure

    • Background

    • Character Details 

    • Abilities, Languages and Skills

    • Combat

    • Magical Items and Spells

    Plus much more...

  • Don’t Miss Another Magical Moment!

    These RPG journals are the perfect place to:

    • Streamline your adventure with a perfect place to Include notes, images, maps, grids and drawings
    • Record inspired notes and insights on blank, lined and prompt pages
    • Includes a lucky place to roll your dice
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