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Angel For Today App- Manifest Your Dreams

Angel For Today App- Manifest Your Dreams

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Life Is Better With More Than Charms

Are you wondering if your plans will come to fruition? Perhaps you would like to know if you will find love or have tyour dreams? Maybe your life is changing rapidly and you are unsure about what direction to take or would like hope for the future. Discover the magic within when you call on the Angels today. They can assist you with manifesting your dreams.  

Manifest with the Angels in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Appreciate - Thank the Angels for their assistance. 

Step 2: Ask - From a calm state of mind, ask or pray to the Angels to reveal to you what you need to be aware of or what your intention is. 

Step 3: Release - After you have asked the Angels for assistance, it is important to surrender the outcome. 

Step 4: Receive - Allow your manifestations to arrive for the highest good for all. 


How it all began:

“In 2018, I was having a peaceful meditation while floating in a pool. I received an important message from the Angels that I was to create a free App that was to make a difference in many peoples’ lives in the future. The world was going to turn dark and my role was to bring light into the lives of others. I was shown a visual outline for the App and received a glimpse of each of the Angels that I was to draw and write about. After I returned to the present moment from my meditation, I found a white feather on my lap and so the journey began…”   Angel Blessings, Natalie  

App features:

* Select from a card 1,2 or 3 card reading

* Receive daily guidance from the Angels with strategies to assist

* Created by an Angel Intuitive who trained with Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, Mike Dooley and Gabriel Bernstein

* Unlock the ads with one simple, affordable in-app purchase

* Improve your life and receive hope for the future with strategies in manifesting and the Law of Attraction

* Learn more about the Angels by downloading the free book from our website

*Twitter and Facebook integration for sharing wisdom with friends and family and a special Facebook group

*Music from Mark Watson (Earth Angel Music)


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Manifest Dreams

Discover the power of Angels, Archangels, Angelic Realms, Gods, Goddesses and Ascended Masters as they guide you on your journey to manifest your dreams.

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