Saint Aiden - Divine Master

Saint Aiden - Divine Master




“Leave me alone with my God as much as you can, as the fire of divine love dwells in my heart, and the love of Christ is the breath of my life.” - Saint Aiden

Saint Aiden, often referred to as the Apostle of Northumbria, was a 7th-century Irish monk and missionary who played a pivotal role in spreading Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. Known for his piety, humility, and dedication to education and pastoral care, Saint Aiden founded the monastery of Lindisfarne, which became a significant center for Christian learning and evangelization. His gentle and compassionate approach to spreading the faith endeared him to many, leaving a lasting legacy in the Christian history of Britain. Aiden is also associated with a miraculous event involving a stag, where he and his followers were made invisible to their enemies, highlighting his connection with nature and divine protection.