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Boy or Girl? App - More Than Charms

Boy or Girl? App - More Than Charms

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Pregnancy is a important journey in your life, making it the perfect time to sit back and relax. Pregnancy games provides activities and games to play at baby showers, kitchen tea parties and other pre-baby celebrations.

It's is fun and easy for people of all ages to play. Find the babies to earn valuable points to unlock many more exciting games. Practical suggestions are also provided to assist with the pregnancy, the care of the baby once born and great baby shower game ideas.

Whether you play alone or with friends, Pregnancy Games is sure help you to relax and smile. Download the game now to be entertained and informed your entire pregnancy!

Special Features:

-Free Message in a Bottle that provides guidance for your pregnancy

-Take the opportunity to unlock even more games and activities such as; Baby Treasure, Baby Prediction, Pregnancy Art, Diaper Invaders and Touch the Baby games

-Find the babies to collect points to earn achievements throughout, “Boy or Girl?” and unlock six new games to play.

-Add music to the game by choosing a favorite song from a selection of tracks.

-Compatible with Facebook and Game Center to post scores.

-Provides tips for caring for pregnant women and babies. It also includes some great baby shower game ideas.

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