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Mood Toolbox App

Mood Toolbox App

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Do you know a child that is moody and needs help with regulating their emotions? Mood Tool Box provides games and tips for emotional intelligence. Created by a mom of son with ASD and Special Education teacher with over 30 years experience, this app particularly helps parents, teachers and practitioners to manage moods in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Aspergers and Special Needs.

MOOD TOOLBOX has the following features:

*FUN CHARACTER affectionately called Moodzies in this mood app helps to encourage children to recognize their own moods. Each Moodzie has a color that represents different moods, such as anger, sadness etc.

*LEARN ABOUT STRATEGIES FOR MOOD MANAGEMENT- Moodzie can change moods and in this mood app, children can learn techniques to help understand and balance their moods in a healthy way to find happiness again. BASED on strategies that were utilised by the designer to help her son Ben with emotional regulation and students taught in Elementary, Middle schools and Special Schools. There is also the opportunity to unlock the Mood Tool Box program with a printable posters.

*SOCIAL STORIES that show children visually how Moodzie can emotionally regulate. There are three Moodzie Adventure Stories included: Moodzie Chooses Happy, Moodzie Gets Agro and Moodzie Blues.

*INCLUDES GAMES that help focus the mind on something different, allowing the child to become calm enough to think about his or her moods through the various strategies included.

*ACHIEVEMENTS LIST encourages children to succeed by rewarding them with the unlocking the opportunity for additional games and other features once they have achieved their goals by working with the mood app.

*MOOD TRACKING- Unlike most apps for emotional intelligence, this app allows you to track - the different moods your child or student may be feeling on a daily basis so you can take note of what strategies worked. It’s also an excellent choice of ADHD tools for children with ADHD and similar challenges.

This App can be used at home, at school or during services such as speech therapy to help children learn to communicate their emotions. Download Mood Toolbox, the free app with in-app purchases and introduce your child or your student to emotional intelligence today!

Additional Features:

* Mood themed App with vivid, beautiful graphics and posters available
* Customise your Moodzie, balls, sky and path with one simple in-app purchase
* Simple tap-to-play interface allows children to begin calming right away
* Add music to the game by choosing from a selection of tracks that aim at calming the child
* Compatible with Facebook, Twitter and World Leaderboards to post scores
* Teaches tips about emotional regulation and intelligence in a fun, engaging way
* Developed by a mom of a child with ASD and a Special Education Teacher with over 30 years experience


More Than Charms is founded by Natalie Clarke, App Developer, Artist, Digital Graphic Designer and Educator, with over 30 years experience in helping others. 

Natalie has been a Special Education and Technology Teacher in Public, Private and Autism schools in Australia. In addition, she  has a Diploma of Teaching and three degrees including a Masters of Education.

Natalie is also an Angel Intuitive, training with Radleigh Valentine, Doreen Virtue and Hay House.

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