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Dungeon Master Journals

We have developed three basic Journals that can be used to enhance the managing of your Fantasy Roleplaying Games. The intent is to supplement Modules, Campaign Material, Rules and the like with Journals that fulfil the following purposes.

1. Game Journal: The Game Journal is intended to hold the planning and overall information for each game session.

2. Battle Journal: Once Combat occurs, the Battle Journal will be used for the information. The Battle Journal should be profiled with information (as part of planning) of anticipated encounters.

The outcome of the battle, or any lasting effects, would be expected to be transcribed back to the Game Journal. It is possible some things may impact the campaign and these would be transcribed there after the game session is completed.

3. Campaign Journals: The Campaign Journal is intended to keep all of the campaign Information together in one place. It is expected this will be used during play - i.e. to provide campaign flavour to the game experience, however would generally only be updated by the Game Master after the running of the Game.

Character Journals

Enhance your tabletop fantasy game with our fantasy character journals.  Record awesome adventures as your Character steps into foreboding forests, crumbling castles and damp dungeons…Immerse yourself in a magical journey as your Character battles dangerous dragons, mighty monsters and other mythical creatures…Sketch, collage and write inspired notes and insights. Overall, this powerful journal contains everything that you will need to keep track of your Character’s entire adventure.

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