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Gifts of the Essential Oils Book - 2nd Edition + Companion Cards Pack 🩶 Price Starts From:

Gifts of the Essential Oils Book - 2nd Edition + Companion Cards Pack 🩶 Price Starts From:

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Essential oils have been gifted to you by the plants and trees who share this planet with us. The book takes you on a journey to connect with the voice of each essential oil, through their stories and their secrets.Join us along the path of discovery and healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as we unlock the power of the plant kingdom. Dive deeper into the magic of over 100 essential oils, including the rare and relatively unexplored, in this full-colour book overflowing with original blends, inspiring affirmations and mythology spanning the ages.


The second edition is still in the same format as the orignal edition but has been expanded and revised. New oils added are:

  1. Angelica Root
  2. Bergamot Mint
  3. Blue Lotus
  4. Cananga
  5. Caraway
  6. Celery Seed
  7. Chrysanthemum
  8. Cistus
  9. Citronella
  10. Davana
  11. Galbanum
  12. Gardenia
  13. Hyssop
  14. Kanuka
  15. Lemon Eucalyptus
  16. Myrtle
  17. Nootka
  18. Ravintsara
  19. Rosalina
  20. Schisandra
  21. Summer Savory
  22. Sweetgum
  23. Tulsi (Holy Basil)
  24. White Grapefruit
  25. Yellow Mandarin

This new edition also contains revised chapters, expanded recipes, new blends and practices plus a crystal & essential oil correspondence section.


This deck of 119 full card cards features every essential oil found in the newly updated ‘The Gifts of the Essential Oils’ book.

Each double-sided card features a full-colour photo of the essential oil. Each essential oil plant along with the accompanying gift, key words and affirmation and elemental symbol.
Use these cards as teaching tools, for oracle readings or shuffle them randomly and choose a few to create a signature blend. This beautiful deck is sure to deepen your understanding of the gifts of your favourite essential oils.
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