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Amethyst Collection- 🩶 Prices Start From:

Amethyst Collection- 🩶 Prices Start From:

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Life Is Better With Exquisite Crystals

Exquisite Crystals collection range from tumbled stones, jewelry, shapes, Pendulum, and cluster crystals.

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals. Amethyst has been a hit in the mineral world for years. The gem is mined in the United States, India, Siberia, East Africa, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Britain. Deep violet to lavender in color, Amethyst ranges in form from necklaces to polished points, to clusters, to geodes, and more.

Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra. The crystal guards against physical and mental attacks, protecting the spirit at all costs. It opens and activates the crown chakra, creating a new door of possibilities. It strengthens the power of the brain, increasing common sense and positive decision making. A special use for Amethyst is assisting with overcoming addiction and alcoholism.

Here are some commonly attributed benefits of crystals:

Energy Balancing: Crystals are believed to have unique energies that can help balance the energy fields within the body. This is often associated with the concept of chakras, where different crystals are believed to align with specific energy centers.

Stress Reduction: Many people use crystals for relaxation and stress relief. Holding or meditating with certain crystals may help promote a sense of calmness and reduce anxiety.

Enhanced Concentration: Some individuals believe that certain crystals can improve focus, concentration, and mental clarity. Clear quartz, in particular, is often associated with enhanced cognitive function.

Spiritual Growth: Crystals are often used in spiritual practices for personal and spiritual development. They may be incorporated into meditation or rituals to enhance connection with one's higher self or spiritual realm.

Emotional Healing: Different crystals are associated with various emotions and can be used to support emotional healing. For example, rose quartz is often linked to love and compassion, while amethyst is associated with stress relief.

Physical Healing: In some alternative healing practices, crystals are believed to have healing properties that can contribute to physical well-being. This might include wearing or placing crystals on specific areas of the body to promote healing.

Protection: Some people use crystals for protection against negative energies or electromagnetic radiation. Black tourmaline and shungite, for instance, are believed to have protective qualities.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond their perceived metaphysical properties, crystals are often valued for their aesthetic qualities. Exquisite crystals can be appreciated for their beauty and can be used as decorative items in homes or offices.

It's essential to approach crystal use with an open mind and a personal understanding that these benefits are often subjective. While many people find comfort and support from using crystals in various ways, it's crucial to remember that the scientific community does not endorse these beliefs, and individual experiences may vary. If you are interested in using crystals, it's a good idea to explore the topic, learn about different crystals, and choose those that resonate with you personally.

Exquisite Crystal's gallery is in Vancouver, Washington.

Exquisite Crystals is a small, family-owned company that packs a big punch. What started as a labor of love in 1999 is now a thriving business known throughout the crystal industry for its top-quality specimens and unflagging integrity. With 20+ years under our belts, they use their expertise and experience to curate a magnificent inventory of thoughtfully sourced crystals from around the world. They take great pride in delivering outstanding customer care and responsiveness.

Most in-stock items are shipped the next business day.

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday and postal holidays.

Shipping carriers with the same level of service may be replaced at our discretion to ensure prompt delivery.

Note: Prices with vary due to the exchange rate and shipping costs.

Here's a quick how-to:

1. Setting intention

The most important act you can do is to set the intention of what you want to do. Intend your crystals to be charged, intend that your crystals are energetically cleansed and intend for your crystals to be charged. Set your intention through a simple mindful exercise, prayer, or ritual. Whatever your method of setting intention is, it will work.

2. Cleansing and clearing

There are a thousand diverse ways to cleanse your crystals both physically and energetically. The method that I use is to hold the crystal or crystals in my hands, connect to my heart and clean them under warm running water. If they are physically dirty, I may use dish soap as well. While I am doing this physical aspect, I also see in mind the crystals being fully cleansed. When you can see them in your mind's eye as clean both clean physically and energetically, you can lay them out to dry. If you can dry them in the sun, great! If not, no worries.

Different traditions use different methods of clearing and cleansing. Some like the put them out in the full moon, some like to plant them in the dirt (which I do not recommend!). Some people simply cleanse using breath, sage, or essential oils. With all ways, the most important is to set the intention of what you want.

THE THING TO REMEMBER IS YOU CAN NOT DO IT WRONG!! If you are working with your crystals, you are doing it right.

3. Charging

Again, it is all about intention. Your desires are powerful tools that you can harness for good! Use them! Yes, crystals can be charged to have a stronger influence on the user. You can place your babies in the sun or the moon depending on what works for you. Typically moon energy is more feminine and sun energy is a more masculine one.

You can also just hold the crystal in your hands, and in your mind's eye, see the crystal filling with energy. Also, you can use other crystals to do the work. Many people use a tabby quartz crystal to lay their crystals on to recharge and energize. Selenite plates are also used to clean AND energize crystals. It will work well to leave your crystals out overnight or for a day or two.

YOU have the power within you to clear, cleanse and charge crystals!

Set the intention, do your thing, and give thanks to the Universe for our beautiful gifts. We use it for love and healing. Relax. Relax. Relax. YOU can do it and it will be amazing!

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