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Angel For Today eBook- Manifest Your Dreams

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Are you wondering if your plans will come to fruition? Perhaps you would like to know if you will find love or have the career of your dreams? Maybe your life is changing rapidly, and you are unsure about what direction to take or would like hope for the future. Discover the magic within when you call on the Angels today to assist you with manifesting your dreams.

Learn About:

1. The Steps To Manifesting with the Angels

2. The Manifesting Cycle

3. Strategies to Keep Your Vibration High

Discover All About The Angels From The Angelic Realm and their special talents:

1. Seraphim- Remembrance…Presence…Light

2. Cherubim- Mobility…Power…Guardian

3.Thrones- Awaken…Heartfelt Capacity

4. Dominions- Cosmic Harmony…Universal Law

5. Virtues- Signs…Miracles…Cosmos

6. Powers- Empowerment…Restoring Order

7. Archangels- 20 Divine Messengers To Choose From

8. Principalities- Divine Ministry

9. Guardian Angels- 36 Divine Guides To Choose From