𓆩ᥫ᭡𓆪 Capricorn- Goddess of Divine Femine Energy... Earth & Stability

Responsibly, discipline, honesty, self-control is your essence. You will wear out, if you move through the world too quickly. Make deliberate, planned actions and focus on taking things one day at a time, so you do not become overwhelmed.  You will have better relationships and become more connected to your femininity as times goes on and especially when there is integrity and trust. You feel the most fulfilled as a woman, when you reach your goals one step at a time.  

Element: Earth

Essential Oils: Vetiver, Juniper, Chamomile,Cedarwood,Spearmint, Fennel, Frankincense, Lemon, Patchouli,Sandalwood,Geranium and Grapefruit

Ruling Planet:Saturn

Crystals: Citrine, Garnet, Pyrite and Ruby

Flower:Carnations or Crocuses

Assists with: 

• Stability, responsiblity, discipline, self control & honesty

• Centering and connecting to your higher self or guides

• Calmness to an otherwise chaotic Universe

• Manifesting your goals to achieve sucess in life

• Planned action & focus on one thing at a time

• Spiritual interaction and connection with the environment and the Earth

Life Purpose:

• Teach the world the importance of nurturing and supporting loved ones. 

• Making a difference with humanity and the environment