3D Gifts With Precision

Our Crystal Gifts and Awards, art meets technology when we transform your ideas into beautiful 3D images—all captured inside sparkling optical crystal!

We can work with almost any type of artwork and engrave a 3D version of that artwork inside crystal cubes, crystal paperweights, crystal awards, and crystal plaques. Practically speaking, there is no limit to our technical ability to engrave your logo or other artwork inside crystal.

If you would like a custom designed product. Contact Us and we can create it just for you.

Rare & Unique Crystals

Our focus has always been on finding the new, rare, unique, uncommon and most desirable rocks & minerals directly at the source of origin. We travel to the Source to obtain our offerings!

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Exquisite Jewelry & Crystal Products

Wear crystal and mineral jewelry not only for the beauty but to
also assist them in the bringing about health, love, wealth and
a more fulfilled life experience.

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