Libra-Goddess of Justice Divine Feminine Energy

Being cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, and social is the essence of you. It's important to have a healthy work-life balance as you may feel drained and isolated. Be connected to your inner-goddess when you take care of yourself and indulge in activities that bring you happiness. Excellent communication skills and the value you place on justice will attract others.

About Goddess Energy

Ruling Planet: Venus

Influences love, beauty, and harmony.

Element: Air

Represents intellectual pursuits, communication, and balance.


  • Opal: Symbolizes love, passion, and creativity.
  • Peridot: Associated with balance, harmony, and positive energy.


  • Opal: Enhances love and emotional expression.
  • Rose Quartz: Promotes love, compassion, and harmony.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Stimulates wisdom and inner truth.
  • Amazonite: Encourages balance and communication.

Essential Oils:

  • Rose: Soothing and comforting.
  • Lavender: Calming and balancing.
  • Geranium: Balancing and uplifting.
  • Ylang Ylang: Sensual and relaxing.


  • Rose: Symbolizes love, beauty, and passion.
  • Bluebell: Represents humility and constancy.
  • Hydrangea: Signifies understanding and gratitude.
  • Daffodil: Conveys new beginnings and optimism.

Compatible Signs:

Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius (Air and Fire signs).

These elements capture the essence of Libra, emphasizing their love for harmony and balance, connection to Venus, and compatibility with certain zodiac signs.