Scorpio- Goddess of Mystery and Power Divine Feminine Energy

You are magnetic and many attract to you. Being passionate, Mysterious and Persistence is your essence. In relationships, you are dedicated and passionate. Relationships that are built on a strong emotional connection and loyalty are essential. It is import for you to find balance in life as you can burn out quickly from the intensity that you bring to everything that life has to offer. In order to find deep and lasting stability, you might have to endure trying and challenging relationships.

About Goddess Energy

Ruling Planet: Pluto (Traditional), Mars (Modern)

  • Pluto: Influences transformation, depth, and regeneration.
  • Mars: Governs assertiveness, passion, and determination.

Element: Water

Represents emotional depth, intuition, and intensity.


  • Topaz: Symbolizes love, passion, and emotional healing.
  • Citrine: Associated with energy, positivity, and abundance.


  • Topaz: Enhances emotional well-being and passion.
  • Citrine: Promotes positive energy and abundance.
  • Labradorite: Encourages intuition and transformation.
  • Obsidian: Grounds energy and offers protection.

Essential Oils:

  • Patchouli: Grounding and balancing.
  • Black Pepper: Stimulating and empowering.
  • Cedarwood: Calming and grounding.
  • Frankincense: Uplifting and spiritually grounding.


  • Chrysanthemum: Symbolizes purity and transformation.
  • Geranium: Represents determination and passion.
  • Honeysuckle: Signifies devotion and intuition.
  • Anemone: Conveys anticipation and intensity.

Compatible Signs:

Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn (Water and Earth signs).

These elements capture the essence of Scorpio, emphasizing their transformative and intense nature, connection to Pluto and Mars, and compatibility with certain zodiac signs.