𓆩ᥫ᭡𓆪 Virgo- Goddess of Purity Divine Feminine Energy


Ruling Planet:Mercury

Birthstone:Sapphire (blue) and Lapis Lazuli

Crystal: Red Jasper,Carnelian, Amethyst and Kyanite.

Essential Oil: Rosemary,Lemon,Peppermint,Fennel,Frankincense,Patchouli,Sandalwood,Vetiver,Geranium,Grapefruit and Jasmine.

Flower:Sunflower & Marigold

Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, and practical is your essence. It's important to remain humble and not be overdramatic in order to seek attention of others. Planning for the future, accomplishing goals, and going to elegant places is when you feel the most confident. Your greatest strength is the ability to follow your intuition, as it is your moral compass. Having an open heart in love and relationships will occur when you are organized in your life.