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Bard RPG Character Journal - Amazon - More Than Charms

Bard RPG Character Journal - Amazon - More Than Charms

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Are you a new or experienced RPG player? Tired of using separate character sheets or pieces of paper?  Want something more streamlined and permanent? Would you like to capture your Bard’s entire Roleplaying Adventure in one place?  

Now you can enhance your tabletop fantasy game experience with this character journal.  Record awesome adventures as your Bard steps into lively taverns, crumbling castles and damp dungeons…Immerse yourself in a magical journey as your Bard battles dangerous dragons, mighty monsters and other mythical creatures…Sketch, collage and write inspired notes and insights. Overall, this powerful journal contains everything that you will need to keep track of your Bard’s entire adventure.

About this Bard Character Journal:

  • Professionally designed leather look matte 6x9 inch paperback
  • Quality 200 cream pages with black print
  • Graphical borders and title pages
  • Streamline your adventure with a perfect place to Include notes, images, maps, grids and drawings
  • Record inspired notes and insights on blank, lined and prompt pages
  • Includes a lucky place to roll your dice
  • Suitable for both new and experienced Roleplaying Game Players

Sections include:

  1. Character Details (6 Pages) - List, draw or include images of the key features of your Bard.
  2. Abilities, Languages and Skills (12 Pages) - Note your Bard’s basic abilities, languages and special skills.
  3. Combat (6 Pages) - Record surprise, initiatives and actions, weapon to hit and armour ratings.
  4. Magical Items and Spells (16 Pages) - Note all of your Bard’s special magical items and common spells. Provided in a card layout format for ease of use.  
  5. Spell Reference and Study (14 Pages) - Record your Bard’s potential spells. This is useful for study and working out new spells.
  6. Animal Companion (6 Pages) - Include an image of your Bard’s animal companion, along with listing their special attributes.
  7. Equipment and Treasure (18 Pages) - Note all of the equipment and treasure your Bard will collect such as potions, coins, weapons etc.
  8. Bard and Race Features (8 Pages) - Record all your Bard’s class and race features.
  9. Experience (14 Pages) - Note the experience your Bard is awarded and your current level.
  10. Saving Throws (6 Pages) - List all of the saving throws your Bard makes and special modifiers, whether by ring or other special item.
  11. Background (10 Pages) - Round out your character with a detailed background. This includes space for maps and other images.
  12. Adventure (56 Pages) - Record your journey…A perfect place to include maps, images and successes and / or failures your Bard has had.
  13. Notes (14 Pages) - A place to record general notes, for anything not suitable in the above sections.
  14. Epilogue (6 Pages) - Record what occurs after your adventure ends…Space has been provided to record information when your Bard’s adventuring days are over.
  15. Roll Your Dice (2 Pages) - A lucky place to enhance your adventure.

Give the perfect gift for:

  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Friends
  • Family celebrations
  • Fantasy Gaming Groups and much more...

You can check out our range of RPG Dungeon Master and Character Journals by clicking on the author name ‘More Than Charms’. Contact us if there is a gift, journal or notebook that you would like us to design. If you can Envision it…We Can Create it!

Don’t miss another magical moment! Enhance your Tabletop Roleplaying Game Experience! Order the Bard’s Character Journal today!

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