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Where's the Bunny? An Easter Adventure Story (eBook)

Where's the Bunny? An Easter Adventure Story (eBook)

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That’s very strange! All of the eggs that James and Joy carefully painted have simply vanished. The only clue left is a fluffy yellow feather!

Will the children be able to find all the eggs in time for the Easter Celebration?
Creep deep into the forest in Russia and embark on an Easter adventure. Where’s the Bunny? is an adventure story that teaches children how to care for rabbits and the environment. What will you discover when you next celebrate Easter?
Written and illustrated by a teacher and app developer, Where's the Bunny is book that children of all ages are sure to enjoy. While it's Easter-themed, it's sure to become a favorite that kids will want to revisit throughout the year.
This is an ePub and PDF file that you download to your device.
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